Cytoscape 3.2.1 is able to produce working web-based visualizations for all networks in a Cytoscape session. We did just this by exporting our session accordingly and embedding the result on this page. This is the same user interface as CyNetShare, so see there for instructions. I hope that this gets more comfortable in the future. This does not replace our interactive visualizations on the other pages, since nothing is click-able.

The visualization is a bit like Lombardis. In Cytoscape, we did a style called ‘Lombardi’ that imitates some visual properties of the drawings. Please select ‘Lombardi’ in the “Visual Style” menu to see it. Some properties visible in Cytoscape get lost in the Web version, like bended edges and more arrow-styles. Perhaps this will also improve in the future.

There are still some minor issues with the visualizations, esp. that in some networks institutions have no border around their node. This will be fixed soon.