Lombardi Networks is a project in various stages. After setting the goal, I am currently in a phase of first experiments that will lead to a plan for the actual project. Whatever the current output is, it is experimental, alpha and not likely to be a final results. With the current pre-project phase, the following activities take place:

Install infrastructure

  • Get acquainted with tools (cytoscape, gephi) for editing the networks
  • Decide on storage etc.

Plan dataformats

  • Devise a preliminary schema on nodes (names, types, etc.)
  • Devise a preliminary schema on edges (see the 6 edge types)
  • Experiment with attributes on nodes and edges and how they are integrated
  • Experiment with trans-work IDs of actors

First iteration

  • Model a small drawing
  • Revise schemata
  • Document process


  • List and experimentally implement an initial set of services on data body
  • Define research questions on Lombardi works

With this initial setup, the second phase of the project will be to discuss goals and workplan with interested parties.

This then leads to the formulation of the actual project plan. As a consequence, funding and an operational setup is planned and hopefully implemented and the project starts.