After the initial phase, the following issues are to be dealt with:

  • Digitization: More and more networks shall be made available. A tool has to be built to ease the current ad-hoc tool chain. This could be the adaption of an existing graph drawing and graph editing package that has to be extended with typing of nodes and edges plus the ability to store the result.
  • Backend storage: Currently GraphML files are stored in the web servers file system.  This has to be extended to a real solution where the networks are stored in a suited database and can be queried and exported in formats such as GraphML. This could be a graph database or a triple store.
  • Additional associations: The library of literature about Lombardis works has to be analysed closer. Co-occurrence of names in the texts can generate additional associations between nodes. These can also be links between works. Technically we need a suited full text index like Lucene in which associations can be mined.
  • Visualization: The interactive visualization has to be extended into an information- and research interface. It shall interlink the drawings with many other information suited for a fine-grained study of an individual drawing.